Dunlop Race R1 550/600-18 76H

Dunlop Race R1 550/600-18 76H

Dunlop’s involvement in motor racing goes back to the earliest days of the sport, and the company is still a vital part of the vintage and historic racing world. Its classic racing designs are the MSA-specified tyres at popular events such as the Goodwood Revival, and the full range of tyres covers many eras of the sport.

The R1 of 1946 is a tyre designed specifically for pre-War racing cars, and is road legal. The era was characterised by the use of road-based courses, and a more blurred distinction between road and race cars than today. So this tyre is wholly appropriate for cars like the Bentleys and Alfa Romeos we associate with this period. Like many of Dunlop’s historic range, the R5 uses the ‘204’ compound, which balances grip and longevity.

This 550/600-18 76H Dunlop Race R1 tube-type, crossply vintage race tyre is a suitable fit for: Alfa Romeo 2300, Bugatti Type 57, Delage D815, Hotchkiss 620 Paris-Nice Supercharged and Talbot 105.

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Technical Specs

SKU: UR1494385
Weight (kg): 10.000000
Tyre Diameter: 18"
Tyre Size: 550/600-18
Brand: Dunlop
Width: 5.50, 5.50/6.00, 550, 550/600, 6.00, 600
Tyre Diameter: 18
Max Speed (mph): 130
Max Load (kg): 400