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Ensign Beaded Edge Universal Tyre 26x3 (700x80)

Ensign Beaded Edge Universal Motorcycle Tyre & Inner Tube.

The Dunlop Cord motorcycle tyre was one of the most popular designs of beaded-edge motorcycle tyre available into the modern era. Its twin-stud pattern, and ‘Cord’ sidewall markings (as well as ‘Extra Heavy Duty’ in the case of the larger sizes) became synonymous with any classic bike still running original beaded-edge tyres. When Dunlop ceased production it seemed that there would never be an alternative to keep these bikes running.

However, Vintage Tyres stepped in, and using Dunlop moulds, began production of beaded-edge motorcycle tyres in a range of sizes. These emulate the Dunlop pattern, aside from being marked as Ensigns. As well as motorcycle use, some of the larger sizes are suitable for use with period cyclecars, and light-cars.

This 26x3 Ensign beaded edge motorcycle tyre is a suitable fit for many early motorcycles. 

It is also suitable as a beaded-edge car fitment for: Austin 7 (1923-24); AC 12hp and Six (1920-23); Morris Cowley (1922-23); Rover 8hp (1923-25); Singer 10hp (1922-24); Wolseley 7hp (1922-24).

Buy with confidence. A sample of every Ensign beaded-edge tyre has been independently rig tested in the UK to ensure total compliance with the given load and speed rating. Thousands of these tyres are in regular use on vintage bikes and cars the world over.

Price includes an inner tube.

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Technical Specs

SKU: EN26300
Weight (kg): 4.400000
Brand: Ensign
Tyre Size: 26x3, 700x80

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