Ensign Chevron Cord 710x90

Ensign Chevron Cord 710x90

The Ensign Chevron Cord beaded-edge tyre was introduced by Vintage Tyres to suit cars from the earliest days of motoring. The design is a recreation of the most popular tread pattern used on tyres fitted to popular European cars of the 1920s and earlier.

This 710x90 size Ensign Chevron Cord is an ideal tyre for the following cars using beaded-edge wheels: Bugatti Brescia and Type 35; the very first Aston Martins (First Series, Standard and Touring Sports); Peugeot 163 and 173 models; and various 1920s Rileys, Standards, Talbots and Wolseleys.

Beaded edge tube-type tyre

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Technical Specs

Weight (kg): 6.000000
Tyre Diameter: Beaded-Edge Tyres
Tyre Size: 710x90