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Ensign GS D2/103 525/550-18

Dunlop's 'Gold Seal' was a mark of production quality in the company's UK heyday. Several of its ranges had the name associated with it, and it became a physical feature on the tyres.

Vintage Tyres has developed a replacement for the Gold Seal pattern tyre in this size via its historical relationship with Dunlop, and using original moulds. The result is manufactured in the UK as the Ensign GS, and is available in an ideal size for Derby Bentleys.

This 525/550-18 size Ensign GS is the ideal tyre for the: Deby Bentley, and many other 1930s cars.

This is a crossply tube-type car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: ED16317M
Weight (kg): 10.000000
Brand: Ensign
Tyre Size: 525/550-18, 525-18, 550-18