Ensign Trials Universal 350-18

Ensign Trials Universal 350-18

A range of tyres designed by Vintage Tyres to perfectly emulate the trials tyres from the 1940s to the 60s. In a time when motorcycle trials were equally as popular as circuit racing, many riders wanted the improved off-road grip such tyres offered. At the same time, US offroad racing was becoming more popular, and UK bike manufacturers started building special models aimed at these markets. Such bikes were fitted with trials tyres, whether for export or home sale.

Less aggressive than modern motocross tread patterns, the Ensign Universal Trials tyre is road-legal and suitable for on and off-road use. The sizes offered reflect the most popular fitments in period.

This 350-18 Ensign Universal Trials crossply motorcycle tyre is an ideal fit for: AJS 33CS; Yamaha DT175.

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Technical Specs

SKU: EN0769
Weight (kg): 4.400000
Tyre Diameter: 18"
Tyre Size: 350-18 (M/C)
Brand: Ensign
Width: 3.5, 3.50, 350
Tyre Diameter: 18
Max Speed (mph): 87
Overall Diameter: 640
Section Width: 92