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Ensign Triple 450H19

Dunlop created the triple-stud pattern in the 1920s as a high-performance racing tyre, and it became popular for performance cars of all types in the interwar years. It was unavailable for many years before Vintage Tyres and Dunlop Motorsport developed a new mould and restarted production. This continued until the closure of Fort Dunlop in the 21st Century.

Vintage Tyres continued manfacture of this tyre, rebranding it as part of the company's Ensign range. It retains the original design in a modern racing soft-compound suitable for vintage motorsport, and is also road legal and made in the UK. It is rated at 'H' for speed, or 130mph.

This 450H19 Ensign Triple crossply tyre is a suitable fitment for: AC, MG T Series, Riley, Frazer-Nash, also BMW 328, Amilcar, Bugatti Type 35, 37, 40, Fiat 509, Salmson. Made in England.

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Technical Specs

SKU: ED15794
Weight (kg): 7.000000
Brand: Ensign
Tyre Size: 450-19