Firestone MC Deluxe Champion Universal 325-19

Firestone MC Deluxe Champion Universal 325-19

The Deluxe Champion (or Champion Deluxe) is very much a tyre of two uses. Originally designed before WW2, it was standard fitment to many 1930s and 40s US bikes, and continued into the postwar period in that market. So, it’s ideal for a classic Harley from those heady days, which is why Firestone has kept the tyre in production into the 21stcentury. The survival of this uniquely styled classic tyre has allowed its adoption by the bike customisation scene, particularly for café racers and bobbers, giving it a second life.

A universal style tyre, it can be fitted as a front or rear, the Deluxe Champion is available in a range of sizes suitable for American bikes from the 1930s to the 50s. However, with its popularity for custom bikes, this range allows for its use on many different types of bike. If you have any queries about suitable sizing, please contact Vintage Tyres to discuss your fitment.

This 325-19 Firestone Deluxe Champion crossply motorcycle tyre is a suitable fit for: AJS 16M, 16MS, 18, 20, 20CSR, 30, 30CSR, 31; Ariel Square 4, KG500, W/NG, NG, NH, VB, VG, VH; BSA  M20, M33, A7, A10, B31, B33; Matchless G3, GE, G50, G9; Norton 30M, 40M, Dominator, 77; Royal Enfield G, J, J2, G2, 500, 700 Meteor, Super Meteor, Constellation, Interceptor, Clipper; Sunbeam S8; Triumph 5T, T100, 3T, Thunderbird

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Technical Specs

SKU: FS0178
Weight (kg): 3.000000
Tyre Diameter: 19"
Tyre Size: 325-19 (M/C)
Brand: Firestone
Width: 3.25, 325
Tyre Diameter: 19
Max Speed (mph): 113
Max Load (kg): 212
Overall Diameter: 686
Section Width: 67