Maxxis MA-1 16mm WSW 175/80R13 86S Classic & Vintage Tyres |

Maxxis MA-1 16mm WSW 175/80R13 86S

Maxxis developed the MA-1 whitewall tyre specifically for classic vehicles, and its features and range of sizes reflect this.

The narrow white band style of whitewall used is ideal for classic cars of the 1960s to 1980s. The whitewall is on one side of the tyre only. The design of the sidewall and tread pattern is classic, rather than modern, making it look appropriate for classic cars. It has also been designed to not ‘warp’ when the vehicle is stored, such as for over-wintering.

This Maxxis MA-1 175/80SR13 radial tyre has a whitewall thickness of 16mm (5/8”), and is ideal for the following: Austin 1800, Vauxhall Victor, Ventora and VX.

*PLEASE NOTE* White wall tyres sometimes come with a protective blue paint on the white rubber. After fitting the tyres on the vehicle, this can be cleaned off using hot soapy water and a sponge or brush. This is also a good way of cleaning the white rubber.

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Technical Specs

SKU: SC0633
Weight (kg): 8.000000
Brand: Maxxis
Tyre Size: --- 13 Inch ---, 175/80R13 (175R13)