Michelin Double Rivet (DR) 12x45

Michelin Double Rivet (DR) 12x45

The Double Rivet, Michelin's first wired-on crossply tyre design, arrived in 1925. It shares the name with the beaded-edge tyres it replaced but not the high inflation pressures and reliability issues. There are 14 sizes in the Double Rivet range. This 12x45 (Bibendum/metric) fits cars including the Peugeot 201, Renault Mona (4 and 6) and Primaquatre.


We are having a warehouse clearance at the moment, and so these tyres are 30% off. They have a 2017 date code.

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI5671
Tyre Diameter: 45cm
Tyre Size: 12x45
Brand: Michelin
Width: 12
Tyre Diameter: 45