Michelin MXW 255/45R15 93W

Michelin MXW 255/45R15 93W

Michelin’s MXW was launched in 1983 as an ultra-high-performance tyre for French cars like the Alpine A310 and its later derivatives. 

This 255/45WR15 size Michelin MXW is an ideal tyre for: Alpine A310 V6, V6 GTA and V6 GTA Turbo (rear tyre).

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI108249
Weight (kg): 11.850000
Tyre Diameter: 15"
Tyre Size: --- 15 Inch ---, 255/45R15
Brand: Michelin
Width: 255
Tyre Diameter: 15, R15
Profile: 45
Max Speed (mph): 168
Max Load (kg): 650
Overall Diameter: 611
Section Width: 255