Michelin X M+S 135R15 72Q

Michelin X M+S 135R15 72Q

This is Michelin’s development of its ground-breaking X radial tyre for use in off-road and winter conditions. With its strong tread pattern, and the possibility of being fitted with studs.

It makes an ideal choice for French and other European small cars being used off-road, or in snowy conditions, such as winter rally events.

This 135SR15 size Michelin X M+S is an ideal tyre for: Citroen Mehari (and other 2CV derivatives), Ami 6 and Ami 8, Renault Dauphine, Ondine, 4CV, Floride, Caravelle, and R8.

This is a tubeless radial car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI026961
Tyre Diameter: 15"
Tyre Size: 135/80R15 (135R15)
Brand: Michelin
Width: 135, 135/80
Tyre Diameter: 15, R15
Profile: 80