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Michelin XWX 205R14 89W

The need for a very high-performance tyre to suit Autobahn-speed saloons and supercars of the Seventies (apologies for the alliteration) gave us the XWX. Exceptional grip and sustained high-speed performance are what the XWX is all about. And, as Michelin correctly reminds us, the XWX range tamed the era's paragons of performance on relatively slender widths. Makes you wonder why your neighbour's 100bhp shopping car actually needs the same section tyre as a Countach, doesn't it? There are seven tyres in the XWX range. This 205VR14 fits the Ferrari 275 GTB 4, 330 GTC, GTS, Maserati Indy, 4200 and 4700 and Jaguar MK10 (MKX).

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI040362
Weight (kg): 11.000000
Brand: Michelin
Tyre Size: --- 14 Inch ---, 205/80R14 (205R14)