Michelin XZX 145/70R12 69S

Michelin XZX 145/70R12 69S

Michelin’s replacement for the ZX tyre was introduced in 1975, and is therefore the final development of the ground-breaking X radial. It was developed with a stronger groove pattern to improve water dispersion, and with more sipes for better grip in snowy conditions.

It makes an ideal choice for 1970s and 80s saloons and sports cars, with an authentic look and great performance.

This 145/70SR12 size Michelin XZX is an ideal tyre for: Mini 1275; Innocenti 90 and 650; Suzuki Alto.

This is a tubeless radial car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI185648
Weight (kg): 5.200000
Tyre Diameter: 12"
Tyre Size: --- 12 Inch ---, 145/70R12
Brand: Michelin
Width: 145, 145/70
Tyre Diameter: 12, R12
Profile: 70
Max Speed (mph): 113
Max Load (kg): 325