Michelin ZX 135R15 72S

Michelin ZX 135R15 72S

The ZX was launched in 1967. The next generation of the X range brought more sipes and improved wet grip. There are two sizes in the ZX range available now.

This 135SR15 Michelin ZX is an ideal tyre for: Citroen 2CV and derivatives, Ami 6 and Ami 8, Mehari; Renault Dauphine, Ondine, 4CV, Floride, Caravelle, R8.

This is a tubeless radial car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI026960
Tyre Diameter: 15"
Tyre Size: --- 15 Inch ---, 135/80R15 (135R15)
Brand: Michelin
Width: 135, 135/80
Tyre Diameter: 15, R15
Profile: 80