Mitas H-03 Universal 275-18

Mitas H-03 Universal 275-18

Mitas has been producing bike tyres in Europe for decades, and has a long history of involvement in speedway and other forms of motorsport. It still manufactures a surprisingly wide range of classic tyre styles and sizes, suitable for a huge swathe of post-war motorcycles.

The H-03 Universal pattern tyre is suitable for both front and rear fitment, and has a classic block pattern making it ideal for bikes from the golden age of popular motorcycling, and is available in a small range of sizes for 18 inch wheels.

This 275-18 Mitas H-03 Universal crossply motorcycle tyre is an ideal fitment for: Honda CB125, CB175, CB200, CB72, CB77; Kawasaki GA3, GA4, G7T; Royal Enfield GP5; Suzuki GT125, GT185; Yamaha AS2, AS3, RD125, CS2, CS3, CS5, RD200, YDS2

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Technical Specs

SKU: SC027518
Tyre Diameter: 18"
Tyre Size: 275-18 (M/C)
Brand: Mitas
Width: 2.75, 275
Tyre Diameter: 18