Pirelli P700-Z 215/50R15 88Z

Pirelli P700-Z 215/50R15 88Z

Pirelli developed its P700 low-profile tyre into the P700-Z in the late 1980s. It was the first Z-rated tyre for speed, borrowing much of its technology from racing practice.

Primarily aimed at high-performance road cars, particularly those homologation versions of competition vehicles popular at the time, Pirelli has recreated this tyre to fill gaps in tyre availability for these cars today. 

This 215/50ZR15 Pirelli P700-Z radial tyre was originally specified for the Audi Quattro, and is also suitable for the Lotus Excel.  

Tubeless radial car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: PI21550
Tyre Diameter: 15"
Tyre Size: 215/50R15
Brand: Pirelli
Width: 215, 215/50
Tyre Diameter: 15, R15
Profile: 50