Universal Straight Sided 33x4 (4.00x25)

Universal Straight Sided 33x4 (4.00x25)

Universal Tires has been operating in the US since 1968, supplying all kinds of classic vehicle tyres to enthusiasts. As well as supplying classic American brands, the company also produces its own tyres in classic designs.

Universal’s Straight-sided tyre is a recreation of the tyres developed in the US to replace beaded-edge tyres. The Straight-sided system uses a flat-base wheel rim, and were attached with collapsible rims or detachable side flanges. They generally come in quite large diameter sizes, and some European car manufacturers experimented with them. The tread design is very simple, with a rib pattern.

This 33x4 (4x25) Universal Straight-sided tyre is an ideal fit for: Auburn Six.

Crossply tube-type 25" tyre

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Technical Specs

Tyre Diameter: 25"
Tyre Size: --- 25 Inch ---, 33x4
Brand: Universal
Width: 33, 4, 4.00
Tyre Diameter: 33, 4