Universal T-Driver 30x3

Universal T-Driver 30x3

Universal Tires has been operating in the US since 1968, supplying all kinds of classic vehicle tyres to enthusiasts. As well as supplying classic American brands, the company also produces its own tyres in classic designs.

The T-Driver is a recreation of an authentic period tyre from the 1920s in America. It is available in a number of sizes to fit the most popular cars of the period. 

This 'beaded-edge' tyre requires a specific wheel design and high tyre pressures. Fitting these tyres is unlike modern types, so please contact us for advice if you are unfamiliar with this type of tyre.

This 30x3 Universal T-Driver tyre is an ideal fit for: Ford Model-T (front tyre 1918-21) and various American cars of the inter-War period.

Beaded edge tube-type tyre

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Technical Specs

Weight (kg): 5.000000
Tyre Diameter: Beaded-Edge Tyres
Tyre Size: 30x3
Brand: Universal
Width: 3, 3.0, 3.00, 30
Tyre Diameter: 3, 30
Max Load (kg): 204