AC Ace and Aceca 1951 to 1963

From 1951 to 1958 the AC and Bristol engined cars were fitted with a 550-16 crossply tyre as standard (a radial replacement for this would be a 550R16, or 165R16).

From 1958 to 1960, the 550-16 crossply remained standard, but there was an optional wider wheel, fitted with either a 650-16 or 670-16 crossply (radial option is a 670R16).

In 1961 the 550-16 was still standard on all cars, but the option became a 15-inch wheel, fitted with a 640-15 crossply tyre (for which the radial option could be 185R15). From 1962 onwards, all the cars had the 640-15 crossply as a standard fitment.

For many years the Ace has been better known as the precursor to the Cobra, but it was a highly significant model for AC in its own right. Blessed with good looks, and a more sophisticated chassis than AC's previous models, it proved popular and did a lot for the company's image at home and overseas from its launch in 1951. AC's elderly 2 litre engine didn't have enough power though, which was addressed with a Bristol engined version in 1956. Additionally, a 2.6 Litre Ford six in various states of tune could be optioned from 1961. The Aceca was a coupe version, revealed in 1954, with the same engine options as the convertible. Production of all versions ceased in 1963.

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