Tyre Size: 550-17, Tyre Diameter: 17 | Armstrong Hurricane, Lancaster, Typhoon & Whitley 1946 to 1954

The first new car released after the war in the UK! All the models have a standard tyre fitment of 525/550-17.
Armstrong Siddeley's new range of cars were all named after aircraft their factories had been producing in the war years. The Hurricane drophead convertible was the first available, and it was soon joined by the Typhoon coupe and Lancaster saloon (later replaced by the Whitley). Initially powered by prewar engines, which were later enlarged and improved, the styling was stately and modern for the late 1940s, and the engineering was a mix of modern and prewar. The range proved popular, if not exciting to drive or look at. Strengthened export models were popular too, which was vital in gaining government support for manufacturers.
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