Tyre Size: --- 14 Inch ---, Tyre Diameter: R14 | Jaguar Mk X and 420G 1961 to 1970

Another step change from a manufacturer that had become known for its forward-looking styling. The earliest cars were fitted with a now obsolete 750-14 crossply tyre as standard, which was later replaced with 205R14 (205/80R14) radials. 205/70R14 radials tyres would be an incorrect fitment, the sidewall isn't tall enough.
The Mk X was a decisive move towards the modern for Jaguar's largest cars. Gone was the upright, almost pre-war, look of the previous big Jag saloons, and in was a lower, wider style. It was an important styling step towards the XJ cars. It had alll the luxury features available; automatic gearbox, power steering, power brakes, and power windows. The XK engine was familiar, and enlarged to 4.2 litres in 1964. It was also BIG. The widest car you could buy in the UK. Renamed the 420G to make a family with the new, smaller 420 Jaguar. A big, luxurious and superior saloon, only forgotten to an extent because of the 'world-beating' XJ series that followed it.
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