Fulvia 1963 to 1976

Lancia Fulvia 1963 to 1976

As is usual with mass-produced Italian car families of the period, the name 'Fulvia' covers a diverse range of cars, from family saloons to competition coupes and specialist sportscars. As is particular to Lancia however, the engineering involved was unique and exciting. Like the Flavia, the Fulvia was part of Lancia's move to FWD, but with a unique, narrow-angle V4 engine. Originally released as Lancia's smaller family saloon (replacing the Appia), the Coupe (essentially a completely different body on a modified platform) came 2 years later, followed by the Zagato styled 'Sport.' 

The Coupe became a successful rally-car, winning the 1972 World Championship, and the road-cars became serious performers off the back of homologation development for the racing models (the HF 'Fanalone'). These improvments were also passed from the coupe models to the saloons and Sport models. The Fulvia was lso the basis for the original Stratos concept car.

There were some variations in tyre size fitment, and over the years it's likely that many cars (particularly HF models) will have had upgrades fitted. This guide is general, please contact us if you have any queries.

Fulvia Berlina (saloons) - All S1 models were supplied with a 155SR14 tyre. S2 models had this as standard too, with the option of a 185/70HR14 on a 6J wheel (standard is a 4.5J wheel).

Fulvia Coupe S1 (1.2 Litre) 1965-1967 - Had a 155SR14 tyre.

Fulvia Coupe S1 HF (1.2 Litre) 1966-1967 - 145SR14 tyre.

Fulvia Coupe S1 Rallye 1.3, HF and S 1967-1970 - 145SR14 tyre.

Fulvia Coupe S1 Rallye 1.6 HF (Fanalone) - 175HR13 tyre.

Fulvia Coupe S2 1.3 (all models) 1970-1976 - 165SR14 tyre, with the option of a 185/70HR14 on a 6J wheel (standard is a 4.5J wheel).

Fulvia Coupe S2 1.6 (all road models including HF) 1970-1976 - 175HR14 tyre, with the option of a 185/70HR14.

Fulvia Sport Zagato - Some caution is required when stating definitively what each version of the Zagato was originally fitted with. There was some overlap of Series models in relation to the standard coupe, plus natural variation in specifications due to the nature of specialised production. In general, S1 models were fitted with 145SR14 tyres; S2 1.3 Litre models had 165HR14 tyres; and S2 1.6 had 175HR14 tyres.

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