Width: 205 | Series 2A 109

Land Rover Series 2A 109

Longer wheel-base version of the Series 2A Land Rover. Produced from 1961 to 1971.

Originally fitted with a 750-16 tyre. A more modern radial alternative would be 205R16, or a 750R16.

Following on from the original Land Rover, the Series I, the Series II arrived in 1958 with the same 1997cc petrol or 2052cc diesel engines as before. But soon after the Series II's arrival a 2286cc petrol powerplant became available too. Buyers could choose between 88- or 109-inch wheelbases, while body styles consisted of a pick-up (with or without truck cab and/or canvas tilt), a hard top (with no side windows) or a Station Wagon (with side windows). The Series II is most easily distinguised from the Series I by the shoulder line that runs the length of the car, level with the top of the front wings.

In 1961 the Series IIA went on sale, with a significantly upgraded diesel engine which now displaced 2286cc; the four-cylinder petrol powerplant with this capacity was offered alongside but in 1967 a 2625cc six-cylinder petrol engine was introduced. From 1969 a revised Series IIA featured headlights in the front wings; production continued until the launch of the Land Rover Series III in 1971.

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