Vredestein Grip Classic 205R16 104T XL

Vredestein Grip Classic 205R16 104T XL

Vredestein has been making traditionally-styled tyres for classic vehicles for many years and has developed a number of sizes that have become harder to find. 

The Grip + is a tyre specifically designed for classic 4x4 vehicles, using a classic-looking pattern and modern materials and manufacturing technology.

This 205TR16 size Vredestein Grip + radial is ideal for: Classic Range Rover, Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery Series 1.

This is a tubeless 4x4 Radial Tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: VS20516GC
Weight (kg): 15.000000
Tyre Diameter: 16"
Tyre Size: --- 16 Inch ---, 205/80R16 (205R16)
Brand: Vredestein
Width: 205, 205/80, 7.50, 750
Tyre Diameter: 16, R16
Profile: 80
Max Speed (mph): 118
Max Load (kg): 900