Price: £100.00 - £199.99, Tyre Size: 165/80R15 (165R15), Tyre Diameter: R15, Profile: 80 | A 1600 MkII 1961 to 1962

MG A 1600 MkII 1961 to 1962

Built from 1955 to 1962 in several different versions.

Originally fitted with a 560-15 crossply tyre, with the option of a 550-15 or 590-15. The best radial replacement tyre would be a 165R15.

One of the prettiest sports cars ever devised, the MGA was a revelation when in 1955 it replaced the distinctly old-fashioned MG T-Series, and in particular its immediate predecessor, the MG TF. However, despite the far prettier and more modern lines, the earliest MGAs were fitted with the same 1489cc B-Series engine and four-speed manual gearbox as the TF.

For the first year only an MGA roadster was available but in 1956 a coupé was introduced to sell alongside. Both bodystyles were mechanically identical and in 1958 a Twin Cam engine was introduced in roadster and coupé forms; these have gone on to become the most collectible of all MGAs.

The 1600 MkI that hit the road in 1959 could reach 100mph; the MGA 1500 topped out at 98mph. A year later a 1600 De Luxe appeared with disc brakes all round; the MGA 1600 MkII of 1961 offered extra power and a higher-ratio back axle for more relaxed cruising. The last MGAs were made in 1962.

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