Vredestein Sprint Classic 165R15 86H Classic & Vintage Tyres |

Vredestein Sprint Classic 165R15 86H

Vredestein has been making traditionally-styled tyres for classic vehicles for many years and has developed a number of sizes that have become harder to find. 

The Sprint Classic is available in 23 sizes to suit many vehicles from the 1960s and 70s. The design is traditional, but benefits from modern materials and construction.

This 165HR15 size Vredestein Sprint Classic radial is ideal for: Porsche 356, as well as the early 911 and 912. It is also suitable for the following cars: Alfa Romeo Giulietta; Daimler Dart; Ferrari 166 and 212; Lancia Flavia; MGC; Morgan 4/4 and Plus 4; Reliant Sabre Six and Scimitar GT; Triumph TR4a/5/6; TVR Vixen and Grantura; and the Volvo Amazon and P1800.

It can also be fitted as a radial alternative for the following cars: Austin Healey 100, 100/6 and 3000; Daimler Dart; MGA and TD/TF; Triumph TR2/3/4; Renault Fregate; and Peugeot 403 and 404.

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Technical Specs

SKU: VS16515H
Weight (kg): 7.900000
Brand: Vredestein
Tyre Size: --- 15 Inch ---, 165/80R15 (165R15)