TA 1936 to 1939

MG TA 1936 to 1939

Pre-war iconic MG sportscar. Built from 1936 to 1939.

Originally fitted with a 450-19 crossply.

The MG T-Series story started in June 1936 with the announcement of the TA. Intended to be a mass-market affordable sports car after a raft of costly overhead-cam MGs, the TA's power came from an overhead-valve 1292cc engine. initially offered only in two-seater drophead form, in 1938 a Tickford TA coupé was introduced with a folding hood and wind-up windows; they’re now very rare and highly sought after.

After 3003 TAs had been built, the TB entered production in May 1939, but for only four months, with a mere 379 cars being produced. The TB is the rarest T of all, but it’s nothing more than a TA with a 1250cc engine borrowed from the Morris Ten.

With the MG factory building military components throughout the War, it wasn’t until November 1945 that T-series production restarted, with the TC making its debut. Although the TC is merely a TB with a wider cabin, it’s a very significant car as it marked MG’s entry into the North American market, a milestone reached in 1947.

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