Tyre Size: 165/80R15 (165R15) | TF 1953 to 1955

MG TF 1953 to 1955

Much modernised version of the iconic MG sportscar. Built with a 1250cc, then a 1500cc engine.

Originally fitted with a no longer available 550-15 crossply, with the option of a 590-15. A suitable radial replacement would be a 165R15.

After 10,000 MG TCs had been manufactured, the model was phased out in November 1949 to make way for the MG TD. This brought a new frame and bodyshell along with fresh front suspension; it went on to become the most popular of all the T-series models, with 29,664 examples constructed before it was replaced in September 1953.

The TD gave way to the MG TF which introduced a more modern look with its faired-in headlamps. But despite its more modern appearance the TF was nothing more than a TD with a modified bodyshell. There wasn’t even a fresh engine – at first. However, in November 1954 the TF finally got a new powerplant with the introduction of the TF1500. The most usable of all the T-Series MGs, just 3400 of these bigger-engined TFs were built (325 for UK market), compared with 6200 examples of the TF1250. Production of the TF ceased in 1955, to make way for the MGA.

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