Width: 185 | Porsche 912 & 912E

The 912 was equipped with a 165SR15 radial tyre from 1965 to 1967, then a 185/70HR15 from 1968 to the end of production. The 912E also had a 185/70HR15 radial tyre. Porsche still recommends certain tyres for its models, these carry an 'N' mark. In the case of Porsche 912 sizes, the Pirelli CN36 tyres are suggested by Porsche.

Although Porsche is now known as a maker of prestige cars, with prices to match, its history includes many examples of 'budget' models. These have mostly been done to broaden the company's traditionally small model range. The initial 912 (made 1965-1969) was intended to insert a cheaper model under the new 911 in the catalogue. Basically a 911 with a 356 engine, so less power but better handling. It had a comeback in 1975, as the 912E. Porsche needed a cheaper car to fill the gap between the end of 914 production, and the start of 924 sales. So they put the 2-Litre VW engine from the 914 into a current 911 shell. In recent years, many of the survivors have been rebuilt as 911s, but they are now more valued for what they are, fun!

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