Saab 99 1968 to 1984

Saab 99 (except EMS & Turbo) - 1968 to 1978 - The standard tyre was a 155SR15. There was the option of a 165SR15 on a wider wheel from 1977 to 1978.</p>

Saab 99 (except EMS & Turbo) - 1979 to 1984 - The standard tyre was a 165SR15. There was the option of a 175/70SR15.

Saab 99 EMS - 1972 to 1984 - The standard tyre was a 165SR15 until 1978, when it changed to a 175/70SR15.

Saab 99 Turbo - 1978 to 1981 - The standard tyre was a 195/60HR15.

The 99 represented a change in Saab's design direction for its core family sized car. The previous 96 model had been a direct descendent of the company's earliest models, both in style and layout. The 99 was designed on a larger platform, with new engines developed with Ricardo & Triumph, and more modern, angular styling. Although all these changes were intended to increase sales globally by becoming less eccentric, the 99 was still very Saab, and unlike most other cars. There was an emphasis on safety and ergonomics that extended to the styling (the windscreen shape was intended to increase visibility), and still an aerospace type interest in aerodynamics, as well as a market-leading use of turbocharging in a family car.

The new practicality of the design was developed, as both a 4-door, and a hatcback body style were released. Performance versions like the EMS introduced fuel injection, and then came the Turbo model! This was a market leader when released in 1978, paving the way for Saab's 900 Turbo, and for all the other turbocharged cars that hit the market in the 80's.

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