Price: £100.00 - £199.99, Tyre Size: 165/80R13 (165R13) | Sunbeam Rapier Series I to Series V 1955 to 1967

Series I to III cars on 15-inch wheels had a 560-15 crossply tyre as standard.

Series IV and V cars had a 13-inch wheel, and 600-13 crossply tyres as standard. This is no longer available, but the radial 165R13 can be fitted as an alternative size.

In the same family as the badge engineered Hillman Minx and Singer Gazelle, the Rapier was very much the 2-door, sporty version of the Rootes Group's 'Light Car'. The Rapier was developed through I, II, III, IIIA, IV and V versions over its long life. It always had the performance edge on the other members of its family, and its reputation as a small, sporting saloon was confirmed by its early performance in the Monte Carlo rally, and later track appearances.

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