Volvo 123GT Amazon 1966 to 1968

Sporty, rally-influenced version of the swedish saloon. Built from 1966 to 1968. Originally fitted with a 165SR15 radial.

The Volvo Amazon was unveiled in 1956 and went on sale a year later, although that moniker was just a nickname; the car was sold as the 121 and initially it came in four-door saloon form only, with a single-carburettor 1.6-litre engine. By 1958 the first Volvo Amazons were being imported to the UK, by which point there was also a 122S option, with a twin-carb 1.6-litre engine.

The Amazon's engine displacement was increased to 1.8 litres in 1961, then a year later a five-door estate joined the range, known as the 220-series Combi. The development continued with an automatic transmission being introduced in 1963, then in 1965 the Amazon Favorit joined the range – a stripped-out economy special that sold in tiny numbers.

The most collectible Amazon of all was introduced in 1966: the two-door 123GT with a 115bhp 1.8-litre engine, which was eclipsed by the 118bhp 122S two-door saloon that arrived in 1968. The last Volvo Amazons were made in 1970, with 234,208 four-door saloons built, along with 359,918 two-door saloons and 73,197 estates.

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