Michelin TB5 R -Medium Compound 18/60-15 (225/50R15 79W)

Michelin TB5 R -Medium Compound 18/60-15 (225/50R15 79W)

Michelin’s TB5 tyre was developed in period as a semi-slick, tarmac rally tyre, part of its TB range of road legal competition tyres. Carrying less tread than the intermediate TB15, it is ‘E’ marked and road-legal. It is aimed primarily at rear-wheel drive classic rally cars, and is available in 2 different compounds. These are indicated by ‘F’ (front tyre compound) and ‘R’ (rear tyre compound).

Its unique pattern, and very aggressive stance make it an ideal, and period-correct tyre for many performance cars from the 1960s to the 80s including the Porsche 911 and Lancia Stratos. The TB5’s sizing marks are race/rally derived so for clarity we have put the closest standard size in brackets. If in doubt, please contact us to confirm appropriate sizing and fitments.

This 18/60-15 (225/50WR15) size Michelin TB5 R is an ideal rear tyre for high-performance versions of: Porsche 911S (Group 3).

Radial tubeless car tyre - road-legal race. Semi-slick for the ultimate performance on dry tarmac.

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Technical Specs

SKU: MI854552
Weight (kg): 8.500000
Tyre Diameter: 15"
Tyre Size: --- 15 Inch ---, 18/60-15 (Radial), 225/50R15
Brand: Michelin
Width: 18, 18/60, 225, 225/50
Tyre Diameter: 15, R15
Profile: 50
Max Speed (mph): 168
Max Load (kg): 437